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Texas Dept of Education Phone Number

Texas Dept of Education is the state education agency of Texas, headquartered in Austin, provides leadership, support, and service to schools, districts, and communities. Texas Dept of Education address is 1701 North Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701-1494. Texas Dept of Education phone number is (512) 463-9734, but you may consider looking at the following phone numbers directory:

Texas Dept of Education phone number: (512) 463-9734
State Higher Education Agency, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: (512) 427-6101
Special Education Agency, Texas Education Agency, Office of Special Education: (855) 773-3839
State Adult Education Agency, Texas Workforce Commission, Adult Education and Literacy: (855) 594-0012

Texas Dept of Education phone number where you talk to a real person regarding education matters in Texas is (512) 463-9734.

Texas Dept of Education Mailing Address

Texas Dept of Education address where you can send official letters, documents, and forms is:

Texas Education Agency (Texas Dept of Education)
Street: 1701 North Congress Avenue
City: Austin
State: Texas
ZIP: 78701-1494

Texas Dept of Education Fax Number

Texas Dept of Education fax number where you send fax messages, documents, and Texas teacher certification forms using a facsimile machine is (512) 936-3420.

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Texas Dept of Education Responsibilities & Mission

Watch this video to learn what are Texas Dept of Education responsibilities, mission, activities and more.

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